An Eclectic Home in Singapore

October 19, 2021

Designed by Kaze Tan, this home in Singapore conveys an interior style that is character-filled and overflowing with layers of details. A breakaway from familiar aesthetics, this interior converges colours, textures, and patterns to claim a differentiated look punctuated with personality and style.

Earth tones form the foundation of this modern home, strategically accented with green and orange gradations to exude a retro vibe. Combined with distressed furniture, old artwork, and traditional tiles, this modern home boldly pairs the old and the new in a way that is invigorating and inviting. Pops of eye-catching colours instantly enliven the space, while mismatched chairs in the dining area add a sense of whimsy. In the kitchen, stand-out tiles in kaleidoscope colours and geometric prints jazz up an otherwise overlooked space to create visual impact and drama.


In the rooms, modern aesthetics play out elegantly and consistently. Dressed to contrast busy designs elsewhere, the rooms are denoted by visually-warming wood. Sleek, clean-lined, and composed, the design emphasizes on unpretentious modern staples, using reigning wood to claim an unhurried look. Here, custom designs lend practicality and versatility. For instance, a space-optimising stowaway desk and bed are ingenious ways to pack more function in a space, with more room for other endeavours when needed.



Bathrooms certainly do not read boring in this home. Designed to engage and appeal, the bathrooms spot myriad textures and patterns thrown in to add punch and create visual drama. Instead of overwhelming the senses, this home is designed to be a visual treat at every turn.




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