Colombo-based renowned interior designer and multi-faceted entrepreneur

Annika Fernando

March, 2022

Annika Fernando is a Colombo-based renowned interior designer. A multi-faceted entrepreneur and creative at heart, Annika Fernando inspires living through her line of work and has also carved success as founder of concept store and high-end fashion label. Asia Designers Directory speaks with Annika Fernando to suss out her creative pursuits.


How would you describe your interior design style?

Classic contemporary and eclectic. I believe in timelessly designed interiors which don’t follow trends and themes per se. In my belief, a good interior designer reflects their client in their work and therefore the style of each project tends to vary according to the brief, client and residence itself, whilst reflecting a signature of warmth and comfort. I love to mix styles – contemporary design with antique collectibles and a personal art collection.


Your projects are mostly private residential. Can you share with us your design considerations?

I am more selective about the projects I undertake now. Definitely, I will undertake a residence where I feel a synergy and positive energy from the client and also a connection with the space where I’ll be trusted to deliver a complete project with a reasonable appreciation of budget.  I also have enjoyed undertaking unique restaurant / hospitality projects.




Apart from being a sought-after interior designer, you are also the founder of a concept store, PR, and fashion brand, MAUS. Can you tell us more about these endeavours and what inspires you?

I am a designer to the core and all I do is express myself through different media.


You are born into a family of enterprising individuals who delve into art, fashion, hospitality and even food. How has this shaped your outlook and approach towards business?

It has everything to do with how I work and live. Growing up in a family with a constant appreciation of art, design and architecture, has formed the basis of my own viewpoint. My father is an entrepreneur with a strong work ethic and both he and my mother built our family business, Paradise Road from the ground up to what it is today. It has shaped me in my professional and personal life which often merge into one another because our work and design is personal.




With so much on your plate, how do you ensure work-life balance?

I don’t ensure it, I strive for it daily. Some days I do better than others, but I do aim to balance and avoid spreading myself too thinly.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on several residential projects in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Melbourne. I’m also managing and spearheading our new HQ for Paradise Road which will open in just a few months. New collections for Maus are in production and PR is a monthly effort of curating a fresh offering. I’m also working on Paradise Road’s retail operations and upgrades, product design and sales & marketing. 

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