Ibuku Introduces Sustainability in New Collection with Biasa

September 15, 2023

Ibuku is launching the limited collection New Moon lounge chair, created in collaboration with BIASA. An IBUKU classic design, crafted to grace homes with its elegance, is part of an exclusive collection of IBUKU furniture designs available for purchase through Bamboo Pure, a Bali-based bamboo construction company propelling bamboo into a creative industry across Indonesia and beyond. 

BIASA is an internationally recognised label, art space, and lifestyle brand featuring  resort wear, hand-cast homeware, artisanal pieces, and handmade furnishings. Ibuku’s collaboration with BIASA is a natural extension of its shared reverence for natural materials, mastery of artisanal techniques, and a unique design philosophy.



The limited-edition New Moon Chair represents a classic design, reimagined with textured  silk and linen textiles from BIASA. Curved legs are hand-laminate and accented with black bamboo skin, featuring armrests that seamlessly transform into  the backrest, while the seat, cushioned in silvery tones, completes the embrace.

The Reveal Desk showcases the unique form of each bamboo pole, paying tribute to its natural beauty. Every recessed interior provides an opportunity for organisation, reflecting nature’s efficiency.

The Purnama Dining Table is crafted from durable laminated bamboo that are enduring, all while safeguarding the integrity of the forest. With each piece in this nature-inspired collection, bamboo comes to life, weaving its graceful presence into every design and embodying the essence of the natural world.



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