Interstellar: Blending Futuristic Design and Sustainability in Ahmedabad

May 8, 2023

The Interstellar project, designed by Sanjay Puri Architects for Suvidha Project, is an impressive example of contemporary architecture. The project situated within the emerging, centrally located business district in Ahmedabad is a unique retail and office space created through a rectilinear composition interspersed with landscaped spaces.



The frontage along the arterial 30M wide city road is occupied by 3-level-high retail spaces with sheltered arcades. Above the retail floors, the office space steps back, generating a large, north-facing landscaped garden elevated 40 feet above the road, planned as a community space with open sheltered seating spaces and extensive vegetation for office users to use as breakout spaces. The north-facing terrace is shaded from direct sunlight by large punctuated screen walls on the east and west. Additionally, some offices on each floor open onto landscaped terraces.

The building design prioritizes energy efficiency and sustainability, with vertical sun breakers, screen walls, extensive landscaping, solar panels, and water recycling considerations. The design also ensures minimal air conditioning costs. Furthermore, the segregation of the retail and office space is thoughtfully done, creating a building that is responsive to both its functions and surroundings while being mindful of the city’s climate.




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