Michelin Street XO Dubai by LW Design

May 10, 2024

Street XO Dubai, the inaugural venture by Michelin Chef David Munoz in Dubai, redefines the dining experience, inviting patrons on a sensory adventure reminiscent of a foodie theme park. LW was entrusted by Chef Munoz to craft a captivating space that could serve as an outlet for his creativity. This design narrative ultimately mirrors Soho’s lively characters, captures Camden’s underground vibe, and illuminates the dazzling lights of Shinjuku.

The L-shaped layout embodies the philosophy of “horizontal order & vertical chaos,” where structured space planning meets dynamic artistic chaos on the ceiling and walls. This design ethos extends to the culinary journey, presenting a delightful chaos of flavors served in abstract and creative ways.



Guests embark on this journey through a container-inspired metal door, greeted by playful round hanging chairs that set the tone for a circus-inspired ambiance. A zig-zag zebra crossing, reflecting in the many mirrors in the arrival area, leads you to the unexpected through a tunnel simulating a graffiti-filled back alley. At the end of the tunnel, a feature Kenneth Cobonpue’s acrobat ceiling light intrigues the guests of the upcoming spectacle. The bar area, reminiscent of a street lab, features lava lamps and a labyrinth of metal pipes, adding an element of mystery and fun. An adjacent Lounge space showcases a collection of unique furniture pieces by Kenneth Cobonpue and Jimmy Martin, paired with a fabric wall of onyx frame and fun art pieces, creeping through the drapes to create a quirky, yet cohesive design.



Concrete GRG counters, resembling curtains and upholstery, add another dimension to the materials used in the main dining space, where organized chaos prevails. Suspended tables support Kenneth Cobonpue acrobat lamps, while red chairs upholstered in graffiti-style designs by Jean Paul Gautier add a touch of street art. Large-scale terrazzo breaks up the flooring to create more chaos, resembling broken cobblestones on a busy street.

LED mirror screens with an infinity light technique segment the dining area and create an optical illusion of infinite reflections in the main dining space. The main kitchen beyond becomes a central stage, with pendant lights above the hood serving as stage lights. Humorous running men motifs depict the idea of constantly chasing the chaos.

The thematic elements seamlessly extend to the terrace, where acrobat sculptures, a disappearing top-hat man, and the labyrinth of the arrival canopy seamlessly blend with the design narrative. The use of bi-fold doors on both sides of the restaurant ensures a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, maintaining the vibrancy of the narrative seamlessly throughout.



The washrooms take you backstage and underground. Unexpected graffiti on doors with makeup mirror bulb lights creates a dynamic underground backstage performance vibe synonymous with the chaos outside.

The project, guided by Pooja Shah-Mulani and her design team, aimed to create an unconventional dining experience inspired by street culture, integrating surprise and theatricality in line with Chef David’s vision of expecting the unexpected.

Street XO Dubai, situated on the 4th Floor of One Za’abeel, Dubai, spans a combined total restaurant area of 1200 m2, embodying the essence of street culture through a carefully curated selection of design elements, materials, and furniture pieces. The execution of the design involves translating the conceptual theme into a physical space, immersing guests in an unconventional and vibrant dining atmosphere.

Balancing chaos and order, ensuring a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, and integrating diverse design elements were challenges successfully overcome in bringing this unique vision to life. The result is a house of fun, full of theatrical elements, unexpected experiences, and a chaotic, yet organized layout, providing a memorable and distinctive dining atmosphere.




Source: v2com

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Street XO Dubai, the inaugural venture by Michelin Chef David Munoz in Dubai, redefines the dining experience, inviting patrons on a sensory adventure reminiscent of a foodie theme park. LW was entrusted by Chef Munoz …

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