An Oasis of Light by Cane-line Design

January 16, 2023

Cane-line is proud to announce the introduction of Illusion, the first series of LED lamps, which prolongs cosy evenings and create a smooth transition between indoors and out.

”In recent years, we have noticed how people seek to create the same atmosphere outdoors as indoors. In past collections, Cane-line moved the bathroom and kitchen outdoors. With Illusion, we are now offering a 360-degree experience in the outdoor space,” says owner and director of Cane-line Brian Djernes.

The Illusion series includes a table lamp, a floor lamp and a ceiling lamp, for which one can buy a base, so that the lamp doubles as a floor-standing lamp. All Illusion lamps are made of Cane-line Soft Rope, which gives them a soft texture and an exclusive look. Illusion is available in colours that match the outdoor environment. Cane-line Soft Rope is a durable and weather-resistant material that is featured in other Cane-line furniture and accessories.



Illusion is created for the good times and to create the right vibe. The lamps can be charged by means of solar cells or USB and are free to use them wherever you wish. What is more, you never have to worry about charging Illusion before the guests arrive. Use Illusion to create a cosy space in the terrace lounge, as lighting above the dining table or to create small oases of light in the garden.

Many already use Cane-line lanterns to create atmosphere and illuminate zones on the patio or in the garden. When developing Cane-line Illusion, the lanterns were included in the equation. The LED unit is available to purchase separately. It can be fitted inside the lanterns, so that you can include them together with Illusion lamps to create a uniform, evocative atmosphere.

The lighting can be adjusted remotely (remote control included). There are three light settings, ranging from bright that is pleasant during dinner to a dimmed setting that is ideal for intimate twilight conversations.  


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