Steve Leung Launches Monograph For Group’s Silver Anniversary

October 14, 2022

To celebrate Steve Leung Design Group (SLD)’s 25th anniversary and Steve Leung, Founder of SLD’s 65thbirthday, the Group launches a new monograph “Steve Leung: Designing Asia and Beyond”. Published by Thames & Hudson, one of the world’s leading publishers of illustrated books across all areas of visual creativity, the monograph marks the first-ever collaborative publication between SLD and Thames & Hudson featuring the most significant and influential projects arranged according to key periods in Steve’s life and work.

The book is a tribute to Steve’s design milestones chronicled through a comprehensive book which investigates his personal aspirations as a designer, entrepreneur, pioneering leader and philanthropist in the industry, as well as the rise of one of Asia’s most accomplished design practices.

From luxury residential developments, high-end hotels and resorts, multi-faceted restaurant projects, to exclusive product collaborations with internationally acclaimed brands, SLD’s work extends from Hong Kong, China, across Asia and globally, covering exceptional design outcomes that appeal to aspirational lifestyle audiences as well as professionals.




“I truly look forward to this monograph. I feel beyond excited to share my design journey and legacy from a very intimate perspective that highlights how my entire life has always been deeply rooted in design. As I often say, the way that I design is not a “style”. It’s about my attitude. It’s about my philosophy. I always say that the most important word in my design philosophy is to be appropriate. But what is appropriate? We should do the right thing at the right time in the right context. Everything should come together,” comments Steve.

The monograph offers insights into Steve’s human-centred design approach inspired by Asian culture and arts over nearly four decades of practice, whilst documenting SLD’s aesthetic development over the years. Structured into seven chapters revolving around different traits of Steve’s personality, the rich texts include interviews with Steve and influential leaders in the field, inviting readers to better understand SLD’s influence in the industry. The book also touches upon a time of incredible growth for Hong Kong and Asia, exploring the intertwine between Steve’s success and the rise of the design industry in this part of the world which is presented through Steve’s perspective and personal anecdotes.



As Suzy Annetta, co-author of the monograph and editor-in-chief of leading Asian design publication Design Anthology, observes: “There are very few big-name designers in Asia that are well known outside of the region, and he [Steve Leung] may be one of them. He’s very strategic, he doesn’t sit around and wait for things to come to him … He is driven. But I also get the feeling that Steve didn’t really take himself too seriously, either … perhaps it’s this sense of joy he gets from just living life that has allowed him to infuse that sense of joy throughout the spaces that he creates.”

“Steve Leung: Designing Asia and Beyond” will be available from November 2022.

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