Panorama Design Group Reinvents Healthcare Experiences with Humansa’s Flagship Centre

November 18, 2022

Quality healthcare is increasing under the spotlight. Humansa, an established brand under the New World Group, aims to establish a breakthrough in the preventive healthcare ecosystem in Hong Kong, China, and the Greater Bay Area to meet the needs of emerging markets under the current post-pandemic landscape.

Humansa provides quality healthcare tailored for women and children, executives, sports performers, and their families through diverse health and wellness services such as medical imaging, dental care, endoscopy, nutrition, physiotherapy, and high-performance training to achieve a wide range of wellness targets.



Launching its multi-purpose flagship centre in Hong Kong, Humansa creates a sustainable centre for health and wellbeing that stands out from a standard healthcare environment.

Designed by Panorama Design Group, the flagship centre is clad with sustainable, resilient, and recyclable primary materials including terrazzo flooring, diatomite mud walls, and bamboo to create an urban oasis in the busy city centre.

It is the first project in its field to obtain the coveted BEAM Plus Interiors Platinum designation. This rating is based on innovation, interior environmental quality, material application, energy and water consumption, green building features, and property management.

Clients’ healthcare journeys begin in a bamboo hallway in the main entrance and negotiation area, where they are greeted by a water light display. The naturally curved dispensing room is complemented by a multi-purpose waiting space that is lit by natural light, featuring full-height consultation booths and adjustable sofas.



Organic shapes are used in the area for physical examination and physical therapy, leveraging diatomite mud walls with natural finishes or semi-frosted glass to infuse vibrancy and life.

In the brightly-lit consultation area, dry plants, green lawn seats, and bamboo screens introduce an undulating calm. A lawn-like vinyl-floored fitness area facing the harbour and terrazzo-clad changing rooms complete the new healthcare experience. Bamboo screens are once again used to offer added privacy when exercising.

With this flagship centre, Panorama Design Group veers away from traditional healthcare settings in the hopes of reinventing and elevating healthcare experiences.







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