Showroom for Moonlight by GFD Studio

May 15, 2024

Located in Hangzhou, China, the commercial showroom for project Moonlight features a thoughtful fusion of classical aesthetics and modern design, endowing it with a unique visual identity and spatial texture. Drawing inspiration from classical architecture, the designers at GFD Studio reinterpreted the beauty of “arches” with a contemporary language, crafting a living environment characterised by precise geometry and graceful charm. It represents an exploration of tradition and the future, as well as an endless pursuit of a harmonious aesthetics.

Stepping through the courtyard, a symphony of light and shadow, stone and water, constructs a luxurious yet delicate aesthetic experience beyond the mundane world. Sunlight casts mottled shadows on the stone walls, tracing the passage of time and recording the rhythm of day and night.



The courtyard serves not only as a connector between different spaces, but also as a sanctuary for contemplation and introspection. The still stone and rippling water echo each other, reflecting the warm interior and creating a harmonious multi-sensory experience.

The foyer is the prelude for visitors entering the building. When the morning sun filters through the windows, it spills into the space, revealing the traces of time. The interplay of light and shadow, complemented by the luster of Prada green marble, produces a fluid rhythm and imbues the space with tranquility. Delicate details in this transitional space evoke a sense of inner peace.

Warm beige sets the tone of the space, while material patterns subtly juxtapose stillness and motion, blending natural textures with aesthetic ambiance. Green marble accents are scattered throughout the space, where the meticulous and orderly mica-architecture layout portrays a blueprint of future living, embodying reverence for an ideal life.



Floor-to-ceiling glass windows introduce soft natural light, capturing the dynamic play of light and shadow, evoking contemplation and inspiration. The metal lines quietly adorn the corners, reflecting the passage of time through thoughtful details, telling the space’s simplicity and meticulousness.

Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows frame the exquisite landscape of the outdoor courtyard, complemented by sleek curved furniture in the interior. Unobstructed sight lines connect indoor and outdoor spaces, blending the tranquility of nature with the modernity of the city. Dark matte metal and deep green natural stone extend the depth and complexity of the space, reflecting the designers’ meticulous attention to detail and delicate capture of spatial moods.

The unique luster and pattern of marbles elevate the negotiation area’s aesthetics, prompting deeper reflections on harmonious lifestyles. Arch-shaped design elements dominate the ceiling, with their soft curves harmonising with the space’s geometric lines, creating a fluid and poetic atmosphere conducive to meaningful conversations and explorations.



Every seat becomes a small stage for dialogue and the exchange of thoughts. The central sculpture, silent like a witness to time, injects the space with an artistic vibe and sentiment through its abstract form.

Themed on Italian understated luxury, the showflat embraces the coexistence of art and nature, employs contemporary design languages while upholding a philosophy of balanced aesthetics. By skillfully utilising modern materials and natural light, it creates an intimate and comfortable living environment.



The living and dining area features an open layout and carefully selected materials, while the boundary between the study and the dining area is subtle and practical. The gray-toned marble floor extends into every corner, harmonising with wooden wall veneers while generating tranquil yet lively reflections. The tranquility of the reading area and the liveliness of the dining area blend seamlessly, offering infinite possibilities in life.

Defined by a soft colour palette of grey and white as well as thoughtful furnishings, the master bedroom balances relaxation and sophistication. The soft backrest of the bed plays with the hanging lamps beside, while subtle details create a breathable environment. Balancing functionality with aesthetics, the master bedroom provides a tranquil sanctuary for the occupants.



The children’s room is adorned with brighter and lively colours. The energetic blue tones and warm wood-grain decorations spark vitality in the space and ignite the imagination of children.

The public area of the stilt floor, characterised by an open layout and concise structures, serves as a multifunctional space beyond living, integrating different functions. Smooth circulation and composition create a coherent and expansive spatial mood, providing a haven for free thinking. Various facets of daily life are incorporated into functional zones, with appropriately placed partitions. This interprets the pace of life and responds to the desire for a peaceful and high-quality life in the bustling city.



The space subtly transitions from the lively atmosphere of the meeting and negotiation area to the tranquility of the self-study area. It not only reflects practicality but also witnesses the transition of life states. Every shift from vibrancy to tranquility brings a harmonious balance to thoughts and moods. The gentle tone set by MUJI-style wooden finishes infuses the space with a clean and light atmosphere.

The meeting and negotiation area, with its simple lines and soft lighting design, creates a professional and stable atmosphere. The tranquil reading area, featuring thoughtful furnishings, creates an immersive reading environment secluded from the outside urban context, fostering inner peace. The self-study area, with its independent and private environment, exudes a breathable atmosphere, orderly yet not oppressive.

From functionality to emotional resonance, the precisely captures the essence of urban life. Through the interplay of light and shadow, choice of materials, and form, it demonstrates a nuanced understanding and reverence for life. It represents a deliberate departure from the fast pace of urban life, shedding the hustle and bustle while embracing myriad contemplations and genuine goodwill.



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