Dishao Optical by Onexn Architects

December 2, 2022

Onexn Architects created a brand-new store for Dishao Optical at The Mixc World, Shenzhen, which supplies handmade eyeglasses from multiple Japanese brands. The design conveys a Zen-like atmosphere and an interpretation of oriental philosophy in a contemporary context.

Despite the absence of traditional symbols, clients can nevertheless experience a traditional ambience owing to contemporary spatial forms.



Dishao Optical is founded to provide quality eyewear for the discerning. Compared with eyewear manufactured through industrial processing, handmade eyewear crystallise craftsmen’s ingenuity, the pursuit of extreme craftsmanship, and dedication to perfection. In response to the brand founder’s requirement for a space infused with oriental charm, the design team turned the store into an urban spiritual retreat that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship. Considering the brand’s targeted customer groups, the design team started with the intent to convey elegance, delicateness and restraint in its design.



The project design adopts elements of geometry to express the spirit of craftsmanship, using luminous screen walls to form a fluid and open space, replacing traditional materials with contemporary synthetic materials to create an artisan air.



The front area of the store is wrapped with luminous screen walls to create visual impact and stand out. Since the store is near a subway entrance, this statement-making interior space becomes a focal where attention from passers-by naturally gravitates towards. This centrepiece displays the design team’s interpretation of contemporary oriental aesthetics. Here, Tyvek paper combined with straw-featured coating brings out a restrained ambience in oriental aesthetics. Screens are well-lit to give the space a modish glow and added sophistry.




Eyewear is displayed on these screen walls, on shelves that come in different shapes. Abundant gaps blur the boundaries in the space, and enhance connectivity between different functional areas.



Door openings enrich the layers of the space and create an interactive visual experience. As one moves through the space, the view keeps changing. The fluidity of air, nature, light and energy creates an immersive atmosphere in which customers temporarily forget about time. An open area at the back of the space facilitates socialising, business negotiations and optical fittings. Since the founder of Dishao Optical is fond of photography, the design team introduced photography to create a gallery-like space that completes the evocative look of this interior.



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