March House in Penang Accentuates the Concept of Minimalism

April 29, 2022

Introducing March House, Wood & Col Designs & Renovations’ latest project in one of many Penang’s strata buildings. This magnificent residence soaring above the bustling sounds of Penang elevates the snug, pleasant environment with delicate splashes of luxury.

Wood and Col stated: “Everyone has a piece of pure land that is not disturbed by outsiders. Home becomes a place to accommodate our exhausted mind after the hustle-bustle of the busy city life.” 

The design team interpreted a life philosophy that mixes “modern” with “zen” through the combinations of materials, space design, decorative items, and colour palette in search of a work-life balance. The overall style is defined by a quiet and tranquil ambiance created by a neutral earth palette coupled with modest elegant and sleek elements. 

The use of neutral colours offers the house a simple appearance which adheres to design principles. The grey overtone with brown accents are common colours found in minimalist designs, which stay consistent throughout the household except for the bedroom with the palette in reverse. 

By incorporating elements such as stone and wood, the space produces a delicate and exquisite aesthetic. With the basic, open, and wide layout, the public space looks more transparent and smoother. Utilising the finest material and playing with natural light and shadow, these tricks can achieve a life balance between urban and natural.

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