Shanghai Tech Company HQ Breaks Stereotype

May 26, 2022

Awinic Electronics Shanghai had commissioned Time Image Space Design to modernise their headquarters. As technology companies give an impression of rational and cool to the general public, the client hopes to break this stereotype by adding a humanist touch to convey its new corporate image. The designer incorporates Awinic’s corporate brand culture into the workplace, allowing it to represent a future-oriented tension. In addition to office functions, exercise, leisure, entertainment, and reading, the company can produce an ideal business environment where technology meets romance.

“Nowadays, people’s impression of technology companies seems to be inseparable from a cold-colored “technology blue”, with a cold sense of rationality,” stated a spokesperson from Awnic Electronics. “Adding a humanistic warmth to rationality and breaking through the stereotype of technology companies is what Awinic Electronics is trying to convey with its brand new corporate image.”

This groundbreaking design has won the favour of the ASPDA committees to be awarded First place in the Retail category last year.

The space builds up a cool and gentle atmosphere with tiffany blue and white. To provide visitors a sensory baptism full of delightful surprises, massive colour blocks are used as the iconic shade unifying the entire area in the elevator hall, or the prelude to the entry. Hollow carvings of aluminium plates with the awinic trademark were embedded into the overall construction of the elevator hall lighting.

The reception hall has a wide blank area with a background wall modelled after the first two letters of the word “awinic.”, while the reception desk mimics a circuit board’s smooth modelling. The room’s rhythmic feeling is caused by the geometric collocation. For imaginative presentation, the designer incorporates a model of awinic breathing light into the large-scale environment. Six 3D gadget drawings of allegorical awinic core products hang on the background wall of the workplace area aisle, transforming company culture into an accessible art form for employees.

The designer transforms the chip modelling into wood grids and incorporates them into the smart meeting room. Both functions and aesthetics are accentuated by the dark brown leather couches and geometrically patterned silencing carpet. The compact “RF Meeting Room” is inspired from one of Awinic’s five product lines, “RF gadgets.” The graphics on the meeting room’s background wall are prompted by “circuits and musical notes” in the design, resulting in a meeting place that is intimately associated with enterprise products.

The workspace and reading area are naturally linked by a “grey space” that serves as an emotional transformer. Arc stairs connect the first and third floors, while the slide adjacent to the stairs allows individuals to express their natural need to play. To display the company’s innovative culture, the vice president’s office arc design is sleek and compact. In order to emphasise the business brand, the five letters in ‘Awinic’ are used as design components throughout the facade.

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