Nature-Inspired Resort Villa in the Mountains

October 31, 2022

Designed by OPS, this soulful resort takes its cue from nature. Located in Fengning Manchu Autonomous County in Hebei, China, the resort villa seeks design inspiration from its surrounding environ.

In the sitting room, for instance, the colours of natural minerals imitate the textures of the natural environment, to evoke a deep sense of being one with nature. Diverse materials converge to echo green foliage and mountain creeks to conjure beauty. In this space, light spreads outwards in a warm, ethereal glow to give the space more visual drama and impact.



The dining rooms are dressed in green shades against an accent backdrop. Glossy dining chairs add to this evocative look to create a stunning composition. Colours, designs and textures are well-calibrated to create harmony, while carefully chosen art and design allows objects to form fascinating dialogues with one another.

Guest rooms in this resort are bold and unrestrained in colours. Various hues come together beautifully to reflect the full spectrum of colours in space. Throughout, it is evident that the designers at OPS pay special attention to colours, patterns and materials to create a statement-making, yet soulful retreat filled with natural elements.



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Tags: China, Hebei, OPS, Villa resort

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